If you would like to send an email to a single recipient on behalf of your event you can do so with the send single email function.

How to send a single email

On the Messaging tab, select the Send Single Email menu item. Compose your email on this screen.

You are able to enter your contact information or use the event contact information. In the "To" field, enter the recipient's email address. By clicking the "Toggle Cc and Bcc Address Fields" link you are able to toggle Cc and Bcc fields on or off.

Enter a subject line and compose your email in the Rich Text Editor. As with email blasts you are able to preview how your email will appear to the recipient by clicking the toggle in the right-hand corner to see it in "Preview" mode. Toggle the switch back to "Compose" mode to make additional edits.

By checking the box beneath the Rich Text Editor it is possible to attach a Calendar file to email blasts. You are able to configure the Calendar file on the Add to Calendar screen, via the Event tab.

Note: These emails are not saved, so if you want to be able view the message you sent at a later time we recommend that you add your own email address to either the Cc or Bcc field.

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