If you would like your attendees to see your event and their scheduled sessions in their own calendars you are able to configure a downloadable calendar file that will show this information. You can configure your calendar file as:

  1. A file for your entire event with its dates, location, and event URL. They receive this file with their confirmation email or via email blasts. It is uploaded only once to their calendar and blocks off the full days of your event.
  2. A calendar subscription (i.e. web calendar), which shows an updated view of all sessions an attendee schedules. The benefit of a subscription is that the calendar is continuously updated as attendees schedules or unschedules sessions - without having to upload additional calendar files. If there are no scheduled sessions the full days associated with the attendee's pass will be blocked off in the calendar.

Customize the calendar file content

Edit the calendar file by clicking the Add to Calendar menu item on the Event tab. Simply type in the information you want to be included in your file. You can use one of the Dynamic Fields to insert a placeholder. Using placeholders means that the selected value is dynamically and automatically updated if any changes are made.

To use placeholders, place your cursor where you want to include the placeholder and then select a field from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of your screen.

Note: Outlook does not support the URL field for its calendar view. If you want to display a URL, you need to include it in the description.

Tip: Scroll down to see a preview of what the file will look like once downloaded. This only shows the view for the full event - a preview of an attendee's session schedule is not available.

Types of calendar files

Calendar file for the full event

As described above, this type of calendar file shows the full event in the attendee's calendar. You can attach this file to a Confirmation Email or to an Email Blast by checking the box next to "Attach Calendar file to this email.” If you do not want to attach the file directly—but rather have it downloaded when a link is clicked—select the “Include links to add the event to the recipient’s personal calendar” checkbox.

Calendar file subscription to view sessions and updates

This type of calendar file is a web calendar subscription that is updated as the attendee schedules and unschedules sessions. You can include the calendar file subscription in both the Thanks screen and in the Confirmation Email, both which are configured on the Confirmation screen under Registration. Using the Attendease Placeholders icon, find the "Attendee Schedule Calendar Subscription" option from the drop-down menu. This will insert the web calendar link in your message.

Tip: If you don't want to include the link, but rather link a word or phrase you can use the Link function on the Rich Text Editor. In the Link dialog box enter the calendar subscription short code in the "URL" field. In the "Text" field type in the text you would like to be linked.

By default, a registered attendee can also subscribe to their session web calendar from their attendee account by selecting the "Your Schedule" tab and then clicking the "Add to your Calendar" button.

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