If you want attendees to be able to schedule sessions during registration you can add the Scheduling Widget component to your registration form. To do this, go to Registration and select the Registration Forms menu item. Drag and drop the Scheduling Widget component where you want to place it.

Configure the Scheduling Widget

The Scheduling Widget will automatically pull information from the Session Slotter - and display all scheduled sessions in a list form. You are able to configure how and what amount of information is displayed for each session by clicking the component to edit.

Note: Session waitlists are not supported using the Scheduling Widget.

Display options

Session time slot capacity
Click to enable the session time slot capacity if you want to to display what the session capacity is.

Click to enable this checkbox if you want to display which room the session is held in. Note that this only shows the room - not the venue.

Click this checkbox to enable a "Show Info" button that shows the session description and speaker name when clicked.

Time zone
From this drop-down menu, you are able to choose in which time zone sessions are displayed on the Scheduling Widget. Choose between only displaying the sessions in the event's time zone, displaying them only in the attendee's time zone, or give your attendees the ability to choose themselves.

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