Set up a registration form that will capture the information you need to collect from your attendees. This information is available either by viewing an attendee's profile (by going to the Attendees screen under the Registration tab) or by downloading an attendee export (from the Attendees screen or by going to the Exports screen under the Event tab).

The default registration form

The registration form builder is comprised of two areas, the "Form Preview" area and the "Form Components" area. Start creating your default form by dragging components onto the preview area. The default form will be seen by all your registrants regardless of their pricing group or pass.

Note: We strongly recommend that you only use the default registration form for questions that are relevant for all registrants. For questions that are pertinent to only a specific group - such as attendees, speakers, sponsors, or exhibitors - we suggest you use the "Add Forms" option to create a form specific to each of these groups.

You can add from a range of input fields including fields for text, email addresses, phone numbers, and a country select widget. If you want to give registrants the option to schedule sessions during their registration process you can add a Scheduling Widget. If you want to give registrants the ability to bill the invoice to their company, add the Billing Information Widget.

If you want your attendees to submit additional files use the File Upload component. You can configure this to accept one or multiple types of documents. Use the Profile Photo component to automatically map uploaded photos to registrants' attendee profiles.

There are also Select/Option fields such as checkboxes, drop-down select lists, and radio button. Lastly, you can add various levels of headings and fields for descriptive help text.

You can also leverage display-only options, like headers, help text, separator lines and spacing, accessible on the Display tab.

  • To arrange components, click and drag a component to the desired position
  • To edit components, click on a component to select it and an edit window will appear
  • To remove a component, click the x icon in the top right corner of the component. Note that some components of the default form, such as first name, last name, email, and password, are required and cannot be removed
  1. The default registration form that will be seen by all registrants
  2. An additional form, specific to specific groups or passes that will be displayed after the default form for registrants that can access that group or pass
  3. Add an additional form that will appear below the default form

Registration forms dependent on pass or pricing group

Once you've created a default form, you can create sections specific to any groups or passes that will be displayed below the default form questions. To accomplish this, click the "Add form" button and build out a form that is specific to a specific group or pass. An additional form can be enabled for one, a combination, or all passes and/or groups.

  1. Additional registration form
  2. The pricing groups you can enable to see the selected additional form
  3. Enable/disable the additional form for the selected pass group
  4. The passes that you can enable to see the selected additional form
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