For some of your events, you may want to offer add-on options in addition to the primary event pass. With Add-On Passes attendees can choose zero, one, or multiple passes to add onto their registration.

Common uses of add-on passes

While you are able to configure Add-On Passes to best suit your event needs, the following scenarios are some common examples of when an Add-On Pass is useful.

  • Pre-conference workshop
  • Special events, galas, parties, or dinners
  • Guest pass - allow an attendee to bring a guest to a specific event
  • Sponsor the cost of a pass to a disadvantaged group - e.g. purchasing a student-price ticket to cover the cost of a ticket for a student - who may in other circumstances not be able to afford to attend.

How to add an add-on pass

Create a new Add-On Pass by clicking the Registration tab and then selecting the Passes menu item. Below the list of existing passes, click the “Add Pass” button.

A modal where you are able to enter the name of the new Add-On Pass and select pass type will appear. Select "Add-On Pass" from the pass type drop-down menu and click "Add".

As with a Primary Pass, you are able to add a description, apply a value for order priority, select which days the pass is valid, apply the pass to specific Pricing Groups, and set pass price. You are also able to change whether the pass is a Primary or Add-On Pass.

Note: If an attendee has already registered using the pass you are not able to change the pass type (Primary versus Add-On)

Registration Forms

Just like with Primary Passes, you are able to add a Registration form that applies only to specific add-on passes. As an example, if someone has added a Guest Pass to their Conference Ticket you may want to ask for the name and email address of their guest. However, because this question is only pertinent to those who are bringing guests your additional questions should apply only to these pass-holders.

Tip: We strongly suggest you add a Header to these forms to make it clear to attendees that this section is related to a specific Add-On Pass.

Seeing who has purchased add-on passes

Immediately see who has purchased an Add-On Pass by locating the “ticket” icon on the Attendee list. Hover over the icon to see a summary of which add-on passes this particular attendee has added.

Note: You can also see who has purchased Add-On passes when downloading the Attendee Export.

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