You can now use your own Stripe account to easily manage your incoming event revenue. Here are the steps to set up your own Stripe account.

Go into your organization and select the Connected Apps menu. Click Connect for the Stripe option. This will prompt you to login to your Stripe account. Once you are logged in, ensure your business setting details are complete.

Details in your Stripe business settings such as the account name will reflect on the attendee's credit card and also connect individual registration and payment reference.

Once the first transaction is made using your own Stripe account it will remain connected (and can't be disconnected) until your event is complete.

If a refund or any updates to a pass is made, the changes will reflect in your Stripe account. You can also export the financial report which will also show the itemized amounts processed by Attendease.

To confirm if a given event is using your Stripe account (or the Attendease Stripe account) go to the Registration tab, then the Billing Information menu item, then review the Payment Methods section.

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