With Attendease it is easy to export the event's financial data to view in spreadsheet form and manipulate as needed. File exports can be opened with Excel or Numbers.

How to export credit card transactions data

On the Event tab, click the Exports menu item. Locate the "Credit Card Transactions" section and click the "Export" button. A dialog will appear asking if you would like to wait for the export to complete or if you would like to be notified via email once the download is completed.

Tip: The time it takes to finish generating a download will depend on the amount of data that exists, i.e. the more registered attendees you have the longer it will take. We recommend selecting the "Email me" option.

Note: All exports that are generated are available on the Event Exports screen for 24 hours after it has been generated. After that you must export the data again. This is so that you will always download the most recent and most accurate information.

Information included in the export:

  • Date of transaction
  • Full name and email address
  • Attendee status (registered or cancelled)
  • Currency and transaction type
  • Invoice and description
  • Full amount paid, as well as flat fees, percentage fees, and transaction fees
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