The Attendease Event API allows you to query your event data for integration with other applications. Attendease Event API documentation can be found here. Some Attendease event data is not available for query via the API without also providing a coded access token along with the call. Furthermore, if an event is marked as “private”, all API calls will require an access token (please contact support if you’d like to setup a private event).

You can manage your event’s access tokens by clicking on “Event” -> “Access Tokens”. A unique access token is automatically created for each event in Attendease, named “default”. Additionally, you can create as many access tokens as you like, each with its own name for reference purposes. Each token is a randomly generated UUID, a 128-bit value. You can also delete event tokens at any time, including the “default”.

Useful Tips:

See here for instructions on how to authenticate using the event access token.

Deleting an access token will prevent authenticating with it via the API.

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