With the Rich Text Editor you are able to add Attendease Placeholders to make your messaging more personalized. Placeholders are dynamic values that replace the placeholder short-code with the appropriate value. You can access the Placeholder library by clicking the Attendease logo from the Rich Text Editor toolbar.

How to use placeholders

When a placeholder is inserted a form of short code is added to your message. This appears as a key within double curly brackets and a parenthesis - (#{{ }}). Click the Attendease logo on the Rich Text Editor toolbar to see a drop-down menu with all available placeholders. Select the placeholder you want to use.

As an example, choosing "Attendee First Name" will place ( { {first_name} } ) (without any of the spaces) inside the Rich Text Editor. This short code will be replaced by the attendee's first name in the message that is sent out - creating personalized messaging for every attendee.

Note: Do not alter the short code in any way, including adding or removing characters, symbols, or spaces. Attendease searches for each specific code to be replaced with the appropriate value. If the content is change it will not register as a proper code.

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