Instantly know how registration is performing with the overview and summary of key registration activity on the Registration Summary page. Access this screen by clicking the Summary menu item on the Registration tab.

Registration Summary overview

In the top section of the page you can see a summary of registration activity as well as a summary of your payout amount. See the total number of attendees, as well how many people have registered, registered but not yet paid, are currently in progress of registering, did not complete their registration, and cancelled their registration.

You are also able to enable or disable event registration from this page.

Attendance Summary

In the "Attendance Summary" section you can see a visual summary of registration activity over a specified period of time. Click the button on the right-hand side to choose if you want to view activity over the past 30, 14, or seven days. Hover your cursor over a point to see the exact number of each pass sold that day.

Recent Registrations

See a list of the last 15 registrations completed in the "Recent Registrations" section. The attendee name will be listed alongside their email address, when they registered, which pass they selected, and how much they have paid. Click the "View all" button to see all registered attendees.

Tip: Click on the attendee name to view their attendee profile.

Attendance by pass

If you have multiple event passes for your event you will see the "Attendance by Pass" section. This will give you a visual and written breakdown of how many attendees have selected each of the available passes.

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