To view an entire list of all attendees, navigate to the Attendees screen via the Registration tab. Here you are able to search, filter, and even export the attendee list. You can also manually check in attendees to the event and view individual attendee profiles.

Attendee profile overview

To view a person's attendee profile select their name from the list of attendees. This will give you a comprehensive report including registration details, billing information, registration form answers, a messaging function, the attendee's personal event schedule, and a place to add notes.

From an attendee's profile you can check them into the event. You are also able to cancel a registration and change the event pass.

Note: If you make any changes remember to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.


On the "Details" tab you can view the attendee's first name, last name, and email address. You are also able to add metadata to the attendee profile.


On the "Billing" tab you will get an overview of the attendee's financials, in addition to seeing their invoice, transactions, and payments. You are also able to manually register an alternative payment method if the attendee has made the purchase without a credit card.

If the attendee has registered multiple attendees, all passes that were purchased will appear on this invoice.

Additional Passes

If the attendee profile you are viewing registered multiple attendees, an additional tab labelled "Additional Passes" will appear. On this tab, you can find a list of all the registrations completed by this person, including the other attendees' names, as well as the pass name and price. Clicking any of the attendee names will direct you to their attendee profile.

Registration Form Answers

On the "Form Answers" tab you can view the attendee's registration form submission. If you have enabled the attendee to be able to update their registration information they are able to edit this information themselves. You are also able to edit the form answers from this tab.


From the "Messaging" tab you can re-send the attendee's confirmation email, including their invoice. You are also able to CC additional email addresses.


On the "Schedule" tab you can view an attendee's personal event schedule and check attendees into sessions they are scheduled for. You are also able to manually schedule or unschedule sessions.


On the "Notes" tab you are able to add important notes to an attendee profile. These notes are only visible to your team members - not attendees themselves. Click to learn more about adding notes to attendee profiles.


On the "Devices" tab, you will see a list of devices that the attendee has registered with the Attendease mobile app. From this tab you can send test push notifications, alert badges, and review device, build, and device registration information.

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