Event details are first generated when you add a new event. It is through the event details that you control basic key information about your event. When you open an event it is by default the first page that you will see.

This article covers:

Key event details

In the top section of the Event Details screen there are fields where you enter the most basic event information - including event name, description, and website language.


Enter the event name in the "Name" field. This will be the name of the event displayed in the platform, in search engines, and when using the Attendease Event Name placeholder. The name should be as short and descriptive as possible, while keeping the chosen subdomain name in mind.


Similarly as with the event name, the "Description" field is used by search engines and for some Attendease Placeholders - e.g. when pulling in an description for calendar files. We suggest a concise description that summarizes what your event is about.

Event URL

Make sure to consider your URL carefully, as once your event website is published the URL will be locked. In other words, you are only able to edit the event URL prior to publishing the event.

You will receive a warning if the URL you have entered is used by another event. If you own the event site with the same URL you can archive the old event to free up that event URL and use it for the new event.

Your event URL is a subdomain of the attendease.com domain. If you would like a custom domain please, contact us. Domains can be given to organizations or business units, meaning that each event is a child of a master custom domain.

Note: Once the event has been published it is not possible to edit the event URL from the Event Details screen. Although strongly discouraged - it is possible to change the event URL should you need to.

Determine Event Visibility

Sometimes you may have an event that you don't want to share on your Organization's Event Portal Website. Select the checkbox to prevent the event from being listed on your Event Portal Calendar, Event List, and from the API.


By default only English is available. If your organization or business unit has enabled more languages you are able to choose between languages in the "Language" drop-down field. Contact us for more information.


If your event has a corresponding live or on-demand video, enter the video URL in the "Video URL" field.

Event Materials

When viewing the details for this event in the Portal Event Calendar, users will be able to download files uploaded in this section.

Note: The download button in the options of the Event Listing block must be enabled in order for files to be available for download.

Advanced Details


By tagging your events you are able to easily identify and retrieve them in the event search interface. If your organizations has a large number of events it is a good way to help stay organized.


Metadata allows you to define your own custom fields tied to various objects in Attendease. These fields and their values will be available in the Attendease API responses so they can be utilized in your event theme or your own applications.

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