Through Attendease's integration with Salesforce you can easily set up the flow of attendee information from Attendease to Salesforce Campaigns. Associate existing Salesforce Leads and Contacts to specific Campaigns for each event and have new Leads automatically created before being associating to the event-specific Campaign.

Connect Salesforce to Attendease

To begin, you need to connect your Attendease account to your Salesforce account. To do so, access your Organization's dashboard and then select the Connected Apps menu item. 

On the Connected Apps screen click the "Connect to Salesforce" button to the right of the Salesforce logo. Log in to Salesforce with the account credentials for the organization you'd like to connect your selected Attendease organization with. Once you are logged in you will be redirected back to Attendease. Your two accounts are now connected. Should you at some later point need or want to, you have the option of disconnecting the Salesforce account from this screen as well.

Note: Your Salesforce account must have the following permissions:

  • View/edit Contacts
  • View/add/edit Leads
  • View/add Campaigns*
  • View/add/edit/delete Campaign Members

If your account does not have the ability to add Campaigns please see the note in the Salesforce Campaigns section below. At the very minimum your Salesforce account will need permission to view Campaigns. 

Set Salesforce automations

Once you have authorized Attendease to send activities to Salesforce, you need to specify which attendee activities you want to send over. Automations are connected to specific events. To begin, select the event that you want to set the automations for and on that event's Event tab click the Automations menu item. To add an automation click the "Add Automation" button in the top right-hand corner. 

In the "Trigger" field choose the activity that you want to be sent to Salesforce from the drop-down menu. In the "Action" field choose "Post to a Salesforce account." From now on, every time that attendee activity occurs, Salesforce Leads, Contacts, and Campaign Members will be updated. 

You are able select from the following automations:

  • Attendee - Registers
  • Attendee - Updated
  • Attendee - Cancelled

Salesforce Campaigns

If your Salesforce account is connected and automations have been set up, Attendease will create a new Campaign in Salesforce for your event when people register for that event. It will associate your Leads and Contacts to the Campaign as Campaign Members. 

The Campaign that Attendease creates in Salesforce is named Attendease Event - SUBDOMAIN, where SUBDOMAIN is the subdomain part of your event URL (e.g. techconference is the subdomain in

Note: If the Salesforce account that is connected to Attendease does not have permissions to add Campaigns (i.e. the account is not set up as a Marketing User), you will need to get your Salesforce administrator to create a Campaign for you with the appropriate name for your events before attendees start to register. 

The Campaign name should be Attendease Event - SUBDOMAIN , where SUBDOMAIN is the subdomain part of your event URL (e.g. if is your event URL, then Attendease Event - techconference is the Campaign name to use). 

Salesforce Leads, Contacts, and Converted Leads

When an attendee registers Attendee will first search for existing Salesforce Leads, Contacts, and Converted Leads that match the attendee's email address. If a Lead, Contact, or Converted Lead is found, they will be associated to your event's Campaign as a Campaign Member. If no Lead, Contact, or Converted Lead is found with the new attendee's email address a new Lead is created and associated to the Campaign instead. 

Once a Lead, Contact, or Converted Lead is associated to a Campaign for your event, Attendease updates the following Salesforce user information when the information changes in Attendease:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Company

Note: In order to capture and track changes to an attendee's company name in Salesforce, you must create a field on your Attendease registration form with the label Company before attendees start to register. Otherwise, the company value for new attendees will appear as N/A in Salesforce.

Salesforce Campaign Members

Campaign Members are just Salesforce Leads, Contacts, or Converted Leads that are associated to the Campaign for your Attendease event.

Once a Lead, Contact, or Converted Lead is associated to a Campaign for your event, Attendease updates the following information on the Salesforce Campaign Member when it changes in Attendease:

  • Attendease Pass Name
  • Attendease Pass Price
  • Attendease Registration Code

Note: If you would like to capture the above Attendease information on the Campaign Member in Salesforce, you must add the fields manually to the Campaign Member via the Salesforce Admin before attendees start to register. See below for a screenshot of the exact names and data types for the custom fields to add to the Campaign Member object in Salesforce. You can do this via Setup > Customize > Campaigns > Campaign Members > Fields. 

Find a Lead, Contact, Converted Lead, or Campaign Member from an Attendease attendee profile

From viewing an attendee profile on Attendease you can quickly find that person's Salesforce user account. On the attendee profile page, under the Advanced Details section, locate the correct Metadata Keys. Copy the content from the "Value" field.

To locate the user, open your Salesforce account and paste the copied value after the forward slash / that follows the .com . In other words, if the Metadata Key value is "0000100001" then it should be added in the following way - .com/0000100001.

Attendease Salesforce Integration Flow Diagram

Below is a diagram for the workflow Attendease uses to add your event's attendees to your Salesforce instance.

Custom Attendease registration fields to Salesforce field mapping

Contact us to design custom mapping between your Attendease registration fields and your Salesforce fields. You will have to provide:

  • from_label: Attendease Registration form field
  • to_label: Salesforce field
  • overwrite: boolean if the Salesforce field has already a value, should it be overwritten by the Attendease field answer
  • update_lead: If the attendee is a lead, should the lead be updated
  • update_contact: If the attendee is a contact, should the contact field be updated

Note: For a custom Salesforce lead, make sure you append __c  at the end of your to_field.

As an example, if you have a "Phone Number" field in your registration form and you want that information to be sent to a Lead, Contact, or Converted Contact's Salesforce user profile you can do so with the following information:

    "from_label"=>"Phone Number",

Set a Campaign Member status to "Cancelled"

When an attendee's registration is cancelled they are by default deleted as a Campaign Member. If instead of being deleted you would like to flag the Campaign Member's status as "Cancelled" you can reach out to us via

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