During your discussion with our Sales department or during the Onboarding we will choose with you the best plan to fit your needs based on the number of events, number of attendees and your specific needs. Transaction fees will always applied for registration done through attendees as they are the fees charged for payment processing. Based on the plan selected fix fees or percentage fees can also be applied by Attendease.

You will see which plan is selected and be able to change it under Organization, Plan / Billing. Based on the plan selected the fees will be defined and visible under each event in Registration, Billing Information.

Go under the Registration module in the Pricing groups and code and select the pass group for which you want to set the prices.

You can only change the price until an attendee uses this pass group during this milestone. When a pass has been sold using this pass group the price will be locked until all registrants that have used this pass group get their pass transferred or cancelled.

As an example, let’s say that your main pass was sold for $200 for early birds and at a full price of $300 for the main registration. You also have a special event that can be bought separately. These will always be $100.

You now decide that your partners will get a 30% discount. You create the group for partners and promo codes for each category of partners. 

No you can set the price that way:

Main pass

Special event

Early birds

$200 - 30% = $140

$100 - 30% = $70

Main registration

$300 - 30% = $210

$100 - 30% = $70

Useful Tips:

To break down your prices by time create Milestones under Event, Dates.

Carefully enable the pass group to the passes: if someone uses the promo code under a specific pass group, only the passes enabled under the pass group would be available to be selected.

Keep in mind that the main common factor for your pass group are your prices or discount. Build your groups accordingly.

To change the price over time create milestones that will allow you to define a specific price for the milestone period.

There is three ways of removing a pass group from applying:

  • Limit the capacity of each promo code under the group to the current volume
  • Disable all promo codes under the group
  • Disable all passes the group is assigned to

An alternative can also be to set the normal price for the pass group based on the milestones when the discount should not apply anymore. 

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