Use the Video Gallery block to feature 1 to 3 videos (per row) on your event website. These videos will launch in a dialog window and are not embedded directly into the page. The thumbnail image can be customized by uploading or linking to an image.

Note: Only videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Adobe Connect are currently supported.


Number of videos per row

Use this option to select the number of videos you wish to display per row - you may display 1, 2, or 3 videos. Add additional rows if you want to include more than 3 videos.

Video content

Video Title:
Add a title that will be displayed under the video thumbnail image. You can add approximately 35 characters before the title will wrap to two lines.

Video Image URL:
Add a thumbnail image if you wish to customize the presentation of the video on the page. If you do not add a video thumbnail, it will default to one of the stock images. For best results, format the image to be a minimum of 1400 pixels wide.

Tip: If you have multiple videos, format all of the thumbnail images to be the same dimensions for a consistent look and feel.

Video URL:
Add a secure link to a video that is hosted online. A secure URL uses the https:// protocol, rather than http://. Use the checkboxes below to further configure the video settings. You are able to choose if you want the video to:

  • start automatically
  • start playing muted
  • loop - in other words, start from the beginning once it has ended

You must use a video that is hosted online. Some options are a video hosted on an Amazon server, YouTube, Vimeo, or a private server. It is not possible to upload a video directly.

For more information on linking to a YouTube video, see our article here.


Section background colour

Click the colour swatch to select a section background colour.

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