Use the Session Schedule block to display a schedule of all published sessions. This block dynamically populates with session data from the Scheduling tab on the event dashboard. Session data will automatically sync with the schedule - republishing your event is not required. For more advanced configuration options, use the Advanced Session Schedule block.



Both layouts include a list of sessions including the session date/time, session title, and register buttons.

Searchable, filterable session schedule:
This layout includes a search field, filters (when set up), a personalized schedule view (for registered, signed-in attendees), tabs for each event day, and a location column.

The session information, including the description and list of speakers, is presented in a dialog box when the session is clicked.

Simple session schedule:
This layout is a simplified list of sessions with the session title, date, time, description, and register buttons.


Choose the number of columns used to display sessions on the schedule: 1, 2, or 3

Section background colour

Click the colour swatch to select a section background colour.

Show time headers

Enable this to add horizontal headers for each hour of the schedule.

Make filter selection exclusive

Enable this to set the filter selection as exclusive so when a user selects a filter it is the only filter that is applied (as opposed to allowing multiple filters to be applied at once).

Message to display when there are no sessions available

Customize the message a user will see when there are no sessions available to display.

Has Watch Now behaviour after scheduling?

By using the "Watch now" feature, you are able to host multiple videos (recorded or live streamed) which are only accessible to registered users for a limited period of time. Click here to learn more about setting up webinars for multi-session events.

Display Options

Time zone

From this drop-down menu, you are able to choose in which time zone sessions are displayed on the Session Schedule. Choose between only displaying the sessions in the event's time zone, displaying them only in the attendee's time zone, or give your attendees the ability to choose themselves.


Setting up filters

You can create filters to segment your sessions. For example, you may want to segment your sessions by difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, expert) or topic. Filters will automatically appear above your schedule, allowing users to view a specific segment based on each filter.

Click here to learn more about setting up filters.

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