All Organizations or Business Units with an Event Portal Site automatically has a “My Events” page added, which contains the Member Event Listing block. When an attendee is signed into their Member Account, they can click their name to see the “My Events” option. On this page, the attendee can see all upcoming, current, and past events they have registered for in your Organization or Business Unit.

Note: The “My Events” option is only available if your Organization or Business Unit has a published Event Portal Site.


Background colour
Click the colour swatch to select a background colour for the event listing section.

Font colour
Select the colours swatch to select the primary font colour for the event listing section.

Display Options

Time zone
From this drop-down menu, you are able to choose in which time zone sessions are displayed in the Member Event Listing block. Choose between only displaying the sessions in the event's time zone, displaying them only in the attendee's time zone, or give your attendees the ability to choose themselves.

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