If you are using the Advanced Session Schedule block then your attendees will have the option of using the "At a Glance" feature. This allows users to quickly get an overview of scheduled sessions for each day. In the "At a Glance" view only the Session name, date, time, and location appears. When the user clicks the session name a modal with full details will appear.

Use Filters to have colours indicate session type

For many larger events, you may have different conference streams where groups of sessions are associated with each other. Using Filters, you are able to tag sessions with one or more filter items. For a more in-depth explanation of filters, please refer to the Filters article.

The colour that is assigned to a filter item will—if enabled—be used for the "At a Glance" feature on the Advanced Session Schedule block. You enable this by choosing a "Primary Filter" on the Scheduling Preferences screen. If no primary filter is selected the "At a Glance" view will show all sessions as grey - as seen above.

As an example, let's say your event has three different Tracks. This is indicated by creating a filter called "Tracks" and adding the following three filter items:

  • Entrepreneur (light blue)
  • Marketing (mint)
  • Sales (lilac)

In the Scheduling Preferences, you select the "Tracks" filter as the Primary Filter type. When the attendee now uses the "At a Glance" function, the colour of the session card will match the colour of the filter item in that filter group.

Note: If a session is assigned two filter items from the same filter group - using above example a session is both in the Marketing and Sales stream - then it will show the colour of the filter item that is first alphabetically.

In the following two scenarios, sessions will appear with no colour, even if you have chosen a Primary Filter.

  • The session does not have any filters applied to it
  • The session has a filter applied to it, but that filter item is not from the Primary Filter group.
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