You can easily embed a map of your event location anywhere on your website by using the Raw Code block.

Get the embed code for your location

Go to Google Maps and search for the location you want to show.

  1. Click the "Share" icon
  2. On the modal that appears, click the "Embed map" tab
  3. Select the size of your map
  4. Copy the embed code

Embed the code on your event website

Click to add a new block to your event website, and select the Raw Code block. Add the following code in the HTML field. Don't forget to add the embed code you got above in the indicated line.

Note: You must add this code to the Raw Code block if you want the map to be responsive - meaning that it will resize to the proper screen size on mobile devices.

.maps-responsive {  margin: 0 auto;  max-width: 600px;}.maps-responsive iframe {  width: 100%} ### REPLACE THIS LINE WITH THE CODE YOU COPIED FROM GOOGLE MAPS  

Note: Adding above code will centre the embedded code on your event website. If you want to it be right-aligned, simply remove the align="center" code.

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