Website templates are useful if you are creating many events that use the same or similar event websites. Saving an event website as a template means that you can select that template whenever you are creating a new event.

How to create a website template

Create a website template from the Site Manager screen, via the Website tab. To save that event website as a template, click the "Save Site as Template" button on the banner. In the dialog that appears enter a name and description of the template.

Note: Once you have created a website template you cannot edit the template.

How to use your website template

When you are creating a new event you choose what template to use. After you have saved your own website template it will appear in the drop-down list with all available templates for your organization.

Manage your website templates

Each organization and business unit has a screen where you are able to see and manage all available templates. This is located by clicking the "Event Site Templates" menu item on the Organization tab.

Note: If you create a template in a Business Unit it will also become available for the main organization. On the Event Site Template screen in the main organization, you can choose to enable the template for other Business Units.

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