With Image Presets you are able to edit the look of your uploaded image.

See examples of configurations

You can choose to apply a preset from the following options:

  • None: Automatically selected, this is your image without a preset
  • Invert: Inverts the colour of your image
  • Grayscale: Removes the colour from your image
  • Sepia: Applies a reddish-brown tone over your image

If you wish to add a colour overlay, click to select the “Add an overlay” checkbox. You can apply a gradient of up to two colours. The indicator that is highlighted in black is the currently selected indicator. When an indicator is selected you can change the colour by using the colour picker below.

Tip: If you only want one overlay colour, enter the the same Hex value for both of the indicators.

In the “Gradient Angle” field, the value you enter will determine the angle of the gradient (if you have two different colours). Drag the indicator on the “Opacity” bar to determine how opaque or transparent the overlay is.

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