We understand that the order of your event’s speakers can be very important, which is why it is possible for you to customize the order that you want speakers to appear in. Enable this option on the Speakers block and set the order on the Speakers screen.

How to assign order priority to speakers

The way you are able to customize your event’s speaker order is by assigning each speaker an order priority value. To do this, click the Scheduling tab and select the Speakers menu item. For each speaker, there is an “Order priority” field where you can enter any numerical value. The lower the value, the higher the priority. In other words, if you enter the value “1” that speaker will be the first person that appears in the Speakers block. Remember to save all your changes!

How to enable customized speaker order

Customized speaker order is enabled in the Speakers block. Click on the Website tab and select the relevant page to either edit an existing block or add a new one. On the “Display Options” tab, select the “Use order priority values” checkbox to enable your customized order.

Note: If two speakers have been assigned identical order priority values, they will be organized accordingly to the default order drop-down selection. In other words, alphabetically by either first or last name.

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