For certain events you may want to utilize the ability to add dropdown menus to your navigation bar. Set a page to appear as a submenu item in your navigation bar from the Site Manager screen.

Add a dropdown menu in your navigation bar

The most common terminology when working with dropdown menus, is referring to the top-level menu item the "parent". Those menu items appearing in the dropdown menu are called "children".

If you want to add or make any of your existing pages into "child" pages, click on the Website tab and select the Site Manager menu item. When a page has a "parent" the dropdown menu is automatically created.

To add a new "child" page, click the "Add Page" button. In the modal that appears, enter information about the page. From the "Navigation Menu Parent" field, select which existing event page will be the parent.

This selection can be updated and managed by clicking the "edit" icon.

Note: The dropdown menu item will only appear if the "Show in navigation" checkbox is selected.

Make parent pages clickable navigation links

In the Settings section of the Site Manager page you are able to determine if you want the "parent" item to only reveal the child pages (by default, the parent links to its own page when clicked). In other words, uncheck this option if you want your parent pages to only open the dropdown menu when clicked, and not link to its own webpage. Parent pages without any children will still link to their own page.

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