The quick login function allows you to send a link to attendees that will log them in with one easy click. You can add the quick login function to any messages that are sent to your attendees, including confirmation emails and email blasts.

Adding quick login to a registration confirmation email

From the Registration tab select the Confirmations menu option. In the Rich Text Editor box you can find the Attendee Quick Login URL placeholder by clicking the Attendease Placeholders button. Click to insert the quick login link. Attendees will receive the full link URL in their confirmation email.

Tip: To add the quick login link to an email blast, type in the code #{{quick_login}} as it is not listed in the Placeholder drop-down menu. Send email blasts from the Messaging tab.

Add quick login link as a word or phrase

If you would rather link a word or phrase - instead of displaying the full link URL - you can use the Link function on the Rich Text Editor.

In the Link dialog box enter the following short code in the "URL" field:


In the "Text" field type in the text you would like to be linked.

User experience of quick login functionality

When a user receives an email that contains the quick login link they will be brought directly to their account by clicking the link. Below is an example what a confirmation email that contains a quick login link as a linked phrase looks like.

Quick link connection to account screen or homepage

You can setup the quick login link to send users to their account screen or the event site homepage. To determine where the users will be directed, go to the Options screen under the Registration tab. In the "Quick Login" section you are able to make this selection.

If the checkbox is checked, clicking the link will automatically open a page where the user is logged into their Attendee Account. From here an attendee can quickly access their schedule, see event surveys, and if enabled, edit their registration information.

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