Make registering for events even easier for returning attendees with the Instant Registration feature. Enable this option to allow the attendee to be fully registered with only one click.

How to enable Instant Registration

Instant Registration is managed with other Registration Options, which you can find under the Registration tab. If you wish to enable this option, click to check the box in the "Instant Registration" section of this screen.

Note: This feature only functions if below conditions are met.


The Instant Registration feature only functions if a specific set of conditions are met. The event must:

  • be free
  • have only one pass
  • have only the public pricing group enabled
  • only allow single attendee registration (i.e. multi-attendee feature is disabled)

In addition to this, all required fields - including any conditionally required fields - must be filled in. If there are fields that are not filled in the attendee will be presented with the form so they can fill in the remaining fields.

Note: All required fields must be global fields whose values are set to be updated on the member. This means that the attendee's entered value is "remembered" for subsequent registrations.

Attendee experience of the Instant Registration feature

The Instant Registration feature will automatically register an attendee when the attendee:

  • is logged in to their account
  • clicks the "Register" button on the Event Info block
  • has a remembered value from a previous registration for any required field (i.e. is a global field with values set to be updated on every member)
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