Automatically create and update Marketo Programs, Leads and Tokens while using Marketo Programs and Static Lists as Blast recipients.

Through Attendease's integration with Marketo you can easily set up the flow of information from Attendease to your Programs and Leads in Marketo.

When you create an Attendease Event, you configure which Marketo Program the event is associated with (you can either instruct Attendease to create a new Program or you can select an existing one). Once your attendees start interacting with your event, a Marketo Lead is added to the Program as a Program Member, and the Program Member's status will then progress based on their interactions with your event in Attendease.

Before Connecting Marketo to Attendease

Configuring a Channel in Marketo for your Attendease Events

In Marketo, a Channel defines the possible statuses applied to your Program Members as they progress through the marketing funnel for the Event. Marketo comes with an "Events" channel already configured, if you would like to use it as a starting point, or feel free to create a brand new Channel. Either way, make sure that your chosen Channel statuses in Marketo include all the following, using the same spelling, and in the same order displayed below.

Note: In Marketo you manage your Channels under Admin -> Tags (see for more information).

Setting up Program Tags (optional)

Using program tags in Attendease's Marketo integration is optional but can be very useful, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of programs in Marketo but only want to use a subset of them within Attendease.

If you'd like to tag your Programs, there are two main steps:

  • Set up the specific tag type and value in the Marketo admin for Attendease
  • Assign the tag and value to the Marketo Programs that you would like to use within Attendease

Set up Tag Type and Value

For the purpose of tagging Programs in Marketo, we will need to create a tag with the type "Integrations" (if it doesn't already exist) with a value of "Attendease". To do so, visit the Admin -> Tags area in Marketo. If a tag type called "Integrations" does not already exist, click New -> New Tag Type and fill in the modal accordingly (see screenshot below). Then click Create.

If you already have an "Integrations" Tag Type, you can instead click New -> New Tag Value and fill in the modal accordingly (see screenshot below). Then click Create.

Assign Tag and Value to the necessary Marketo Programs

Once you have the specific Tag Type (Integration) and Tag Value (Attendease) defined in Marketo, you are now ready to assign the Tag Type/Value to the appropriate Marketo Programs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to use Tags, you must ensure to assign tags to all the appropriate Programs, including:

  • Your Base Program
  • The specific Programs your events are intended to sync with
  • Programs used to pull leads to use within Attendease message blasts.

For each program you would like to tag:

  • Access the Program in the Marketo admin under Marketing Activities
  • Click the Setup tab
  • From the right panel, expand the Tags folder, and drag the Integrations tag to the left panel
  • In the resulting modal, choose "Attendease" from the "Integrations" drop-down list and hit "Save"

The result should look like this:

To remove a tag that was added in error. Simply click on the Tag in the left panel, and then select the "Delete" button.

Setting up your Base Program

Before connecting Attendease to Marketo, you need to setup a Program in Marketo to act as your integration's "Base" Program that is assigned to the Channel that was setup in the previous section. Go to Marketing Activities -> New -> New Program to set this up and make sure to choose the correct Channel. Please note that the Attendease Marketo integration expects the default Marketo folder named "Active Marketing Programs" to exist in your instance of Marketo. Otherwise, you may encounter issues with the integration.

This Program will act as the template for all future Programs created by Attendease when creating new events. Note that choosing to assign your attendees to an existing Marketo Program will not guarantee that the correct statuses are available for the integration.

One of the benefits of using a Base Program is that any assets (such as emails and landing pages) you create will be copied over to any newly created programs. This is especially useful when using the Attendease Custom Tokens in Marketo in your assets since all your assets are automatically updated with the information from the associated Attendease Event.

Setting up Custom Tokens and Assets in your Base Program

This step will allow you to get the most out of the Marketo integration with Attendease if you plan to use Marketo's email and landing page assets in Programs that are cloned when you create Events in Attendease.

Tokens are basically placeholders that represent bits of information from the Attendease event associated with your Program. So, if you build an email asset that uses a Token for your Event's name, for example, as opposed to typing the name itself ("#{{my.Attendease Event Name}}", for example, as opposed to "My Great Summer Event"), then each new event cloned from the Base Program will automatically have the correct event name displayed in your email instead of having to type in a new name for each Event.

Before you start creating events in Attendease, make sure to create the pertinent assets in your Base Program, making use of Custom Tokens created by Attendease (Note that you will need to create these Custom Tokens manually in your Base Program, but they will automatically be created and populated for any new events).

While in your Base Program folder, click New -> New Local Asset -> Email.

Make sure to use custom tokens while editing your email content.

The following Custom Tokens will be created for you in each Marketo Program that is associated with your Attendease Event (note that if you point multiple Attendease Events to the same program then this will not work as expected since you will only see one set of tokens for the most recent Event associated):

my.Attendease Event Name
Your Attendease Event's name

my.Attendease Event Description
Your Attendease Event's description

my.Attendease Event Dates
Text representing your Attendease Event's dates

my.Attendease Event Times
Text representing your Attendease Event's times

my.Attendease Event Contact Email
The email address of the Event contact

my.Attendease Event Primary Venue Name
The name of your Attendease Event's primary venue (blank if the event is online)

my.Attendease Event Primary Venue Address Country
The name of your Attendease Event's primary venue country (blank if the event is online)

my.Attendease Event Primary Venue Address State
The name of your Attendease Event's primary venue state or province (blank if the event is online)

my.Attendease Event Primary Venue Address City
The name of your Attendease Event's primary venue country (blank if the event is online)

my.Attendease Event Primary Venue Address Address1
The name of your Attendease Event's primary venue country (blank if the event is online)

my.Attendease Event Primary Venue Address Address2
The name of your Attendease Event's primary venue country (blank if the event is online)

my.Attendease Event Primary Venue Address Zip
The name of your Attendease Event's primary venue country (blank if the event is online)

Connect Marketo to Attendease

To begin, you need to connect your Attendease account to your Marketo account. To do so, access your Organization's dashboard and then select the Connected Apps menu item.

On the Connected Apps screen click the "Connect to Marketo" button to the right of the Marketo logo. You will be presented with a modal that has required fields to fill out:

  1. REST API Endpoint
  2. Client ID
  3. Client Secret
  4. Base Program Name

REST API Endpoint is found in Marketo under Admin -> Web Services, in the REST API section.

Client ID and Client Secret 

You must create both an API user and a LaunchPoint service in order to get your Client ID and Client Secret values.

First, go to Admin -> Users and Roles and click the Invite New User button. Fill in all the details and assign the Permissions as shown below.

Once you've created your API user, you'll need to create the API Service in LaunchPoint under Admin -> LaunchPoint. Click New -> Invite New User and fill in the details as follows, selecting the email address of the new API user your created above.

Once you click Create, you'll see a new entry for your new Service. Click the View Details button and take note of your Client ID and Client Secret.

Base Program Name

Enter the name of the Base Program you created above. Note that the name is case-sensitive.

Once your Marketo details are validated, your two accounts are now connected! Should you at some later point need or want to, you have the option of disconnecting the Marketo account from this screen as well.

Configure your Marketo Integration

Clicking the 'Configure' button once Marketo is successfully connected will launch the configuration modal where you can configure your field mapping and set some additional options.

Map Attendease Fields to Marketo Lead Fields

You can configure field mappings to map fields on Attendease registration forms and surveys to fields on your Marketo Leads. When attendees fill out registration forms or surveys that contain mapped Attendease Global Fields, the entered data will populate (and optionally overwrite) values for the mapped fields in Marketo.

Since the mapping is done via Attendease Global Fields, you must first setup Global Fields in your root organization. See this article for more info on setting up Global Fields and using Global Fields on your registration forms and surveys.

The types of Attendease Global Fields that are supported to map to Marketo fields are: Single-line Text, Country Widget, Dropdown List, Radio List, Inline Radio List, Prepended Text, Appended Text, Multi-line Text and HTML.

The types of Marketo Fields that are supported to map to Attendease fields are: String, Text Area, Email, Integer, Phone Number, Number, Percentage, and URL.

Note: It is up to you to make sure that the mappings accurately reflect the field types in question. For example, if you map an Attendease Text Field to a Number, Integer or Phone Number field in Marketo, you need to be sure to instruct your attendees to enter the correct format values. You can make use of Attendease form field validation rules to make certain that the correct data format is enforced, where possible. See this article for more information.

Additional Options

You can determine what happens to attendees whose registrations are cancelled. They can either be removed from the Marketo Program, or their Program Member status can instead be set to "Cancelled".

Set Marketo automations

Once you have authorized Attendease to send activities to Marketo, you need to specify which attendee activities you want to send over. Automations are connected to specific events. To begin, select the event that you want to set the automations for and on that event's Event tab click the Automations menu item. To add an automation click the "Add Automation" button in the top right-hand corner.

In the "Trigger" field choose the activity that you want to be sent to Marketo from the drop-down menu. In the "Action" field choose "Send to Marketo." From now on, every time that attendee activity occurs, Marketo Leads and Program Members will be updated.

You can select from the following triggers that each perform certain actions:

  • Blast - Invite Sent
    Triggered when a personal or private invite is received (NOTE: email must be successfully delivered). Creates a new Lead (or assigns a matching Lead to the associated Program), status set to 'Invite Sent'
  • Blast - Invite Clicked
    Triggered when a link is clicked within a personal or private invite email message. Creates a new Lead (or assigns a matching Lead to the associated Program), Marketo fields updated, status set to 'Visited Website'
  • Attendee - Registers
    Creates a new Lead (or assigns a matching Lead to the associated Program), Marketo fields updated, status set to 'Registered'
  • Attendee - Updated
    Marketo fields updated
  • Attendee - Cancelled
    Status set to 'Cancelled' or Lead removed from Program (depending on setting)
  • Attendee - Submits Survey
    Marketo fields updated
  • Attendee - Checkin
    Status set to 'Attended'
  • Event - Published
    Program tokens updated with latest event details

Marketo Programs

If your Marketo account is connected, on event creation you will have an option to assign an existing Marketo program to your event, or create a new Program by specifying its name.

You will also be able to edit the chosen Program on the Connected Apps screen for your Event.

Attendease will use the chosen Program when people register for your event, associating your Leads to the chosen Program as Program Members.

Note: Once Program Members are added to the Program for your event, you will no longer be able to change the associated Program.

Marketo Leads

When an attendee registers, Attendease will first search for an existing Marketo Lead that matches the attendee's email address. If a Lead is found, they will be associated to your event's Program as a Program Member. If no Lead is found a new Lead is created and associated to the Program instead.

Once a Lead is associated to a Program for your event, Attendease, at minimum, will update the following Marketo user information when the information changes in Attendease:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Additionally, any field mappings that are configured on the Lead will update the respective Lead fields accordingly in Marketo.

Add Marketo Program and Static List Members as Recipients in Email Blasts

Once you have the Marketo Integration connected in Attendease, you'll notice a new menu item labelled "Import from Marketo" when adding recipients to your email invitations and blasts. If you choose this item you can automatically import Members from Marketo Programs or Static Lists to use as recipients. Just choose the Program or Static List in the drop-down and click "Save" and the Members will be added to the blast.

Note that you can also use the "Upload CSV" or "Add Recipient" features to add additional recipients on top of the Members in the your selected Marketo Program or Static List.

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