The Featured Content block is an excellent way of grabbing the attention of attendees visiting your website because it is often the first thing they will see. Add text that highlights the most important information about your event and choose an eye-catching image or video as your Featured Content block background.


When you are adding a new or editing an existing Featured Content block these are the options in the "Content" tab. Learn how to add a new or edit an existing block.


The primary heading of your Featured Content block. Use the Advanced Editing Toolbar to add styling to the text. Headings use a mobile-specific set of rules to control the heading sizes on phones and tablets so these elements look great on any screen size.

Subheading and Text fields

Capture any secondary information in the "Subheading" and "Text" fields. Remember to keep these sections concise, capturing only the most necessary information. Subheadings and text fields use a mobile-specific set of rules to control the text sizes on phones and tablets so these elements look great on any screen size.

CTA Text and CTA Link fields

The CTA button allows you to quickly redirect your attendees somewhere important, e.g. the Registration page. The "CTA Text" field dictates the text of the button, whereas the "CTA Link" field is where you enter the link to where someone will be redirected.

Tip: If you want to send your attendees to the Registration page via the CTA button, enter /register in the "CTA Link" field.

Video URL

In the "Video URL" field you are able to set the video that will play in the Featured Content block background. To enter a video URL you must first toggle the switch on. You can embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, by entering either the video link or the embed code.

Use the two checkboxes below this field to control whether the video will start automatically and whether it will be muted when starting.

Tip: Featured Content block background videos play in a continuous loop. We suggest a video that is around 30 seconds long.

Note: On mobile applications, the Featured Content block will fall back to the background image you have selected. Set your background image in the "Preferences" tab.


Content Alignment

Choose how the heading, subheading, text, and button are aligned: Left-aligned, center-aligned, right-aligned.

Content Columns

Choose to display the heading, subheading, text, and button in a single column or in two columns.

Background colour

Click the colour swatch to select a section background colour.

Background image

Set the background image of your Featured Content block in the "Background Image" section. You can upload your file directly or by clicking the "Manually enter URL" link you are able to enter a secure image URL.

For best results, keep the following guidelines in mind.

  • Select a rectangular landscape image - while both portrait and landscape images work, the latter has optimal dimensions.
  • Select a high resolution image - we suggest a minimum of 4916 pixels wide. This high resolution is required because we need to accommodate your website for multiple screen sizes. We recommend 4916 pixels by 1600 pixels.

Tip: Free high resolution images that can be used for commercial purposes can be found on Unsplash.

Background image for mobile devices

Add a seperate image that will only be displayed on screen widths associated with mobile devices (phones and most tablets). This gives you greater flexibility by allowing you to select the scale and crop of the mobile-specific image rather than relying on the platform to auto-crop and auto-scale it for you. In other words, the image will typically look better on phones and tablets!

Background CSS filter

You are able to change how your image is displayed by entering valid CSS properties.

Tip: See examples of valid CSS filter properties here.

Note: Only include filter property, not filter or ;.

Show social share

Make it easier for attendees to share your event by enabling social sharing - simply toggle the "Social Share" switch. Add the URL you want your attendees to share, most likely your event URL. The social media icon will only appear if you have entered a URL in the corresponding field.

Minimum Height

The Minimum Height determines the minimum height in pixels of the Feature Content block.

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