The Header Settings screen will allow you to configure the header settings for your event site. This screen is found under the Website tab under Site Settings.

From the Header Settings screen you can:

Enable the header settings

When enabled, your template's built-in header settings will be replaced with what you configure on the Header Settings screen. You can edit the navbar background and text colors under General Settings > Navbar Colors.

Logo position

Choose the position of the logo on the nav bar. You can select left, center, or right.

Logo maximum height

Set the maximum height of the logo.

Navbar text alignment

Set the alignment of the nav items. You can select left, center, or right.

Navbar position

Set the position of the navbar itself. The options are full width across the top of the site or as a left/right sidebar nav.

Show organization portal navigation

If this is enabled and your organization has a portal website, the portal pages will appear in a dropdown menu in your event's navbar.

Navbar minimum height

Set the minimum height of the navbar.

Font settings

Set the font family, font weight, font size (and unit of size), several text transform options (including UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalize, and none), and the text style including italic and underline.

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