Once a deal has been finalized, it is likely you will want to share that sponsor or exhibitor’s profile as soon as possible. With the Active/Inactive toggle switch you are able to create profiles in advance and choose whether or not that profile is shared on your event website.

On the top-right corner of a sponsor or exhibitor profile there is a toggle switch where you can select if that profile is Active or Inactive. Only Active profiles will be displayed on the event site.

How to quickly identify active profiles

On the Sponsors and Levels screen, found by selecting the Sponsors menu item on the Event tab, a list of all sponsors can be located. To see a list of all exhibitors, select the Exhibitors menu item right below. You can quickly identify active sponsors and exhibitors by the green check mark next to their name. The red dash indicates that the profile is inactive. To change the status simply click the organization name to open their profile.

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