Members are users who have created a member account for a particular organization. The first time a user registers for an event owned by an organization they must sign up for a member account. Member accounts “roll up” the organization hierarchy. For example, if you are a member of a particular business unit, you are also a member of any organizations “above” that business unit.

Note: If a user has a member account with an organization they must sign into their account before proceeding with event registration.

Note: Member accounts are authenticated by email address - a single user could potentially have multiple user accounts if they have signed up with different email addresses.

What does a member account do?

  • Keeps track of the events a member has registered for (within an organization) including registration date, pass, code, price, and amount paid. This information is only visible to an admin.
  • Will pre-fill registration forms using global fields if the global field is set to “Save the answer to this question to the user's account”. If the member has already submitted an answer to that question it will be remembered the next time that person registers.

To access the Members screen, navigate to the organization level dashboard and select the Organization tab. Select the Members menu item. From this screen you can search for or browse member accounts.

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