In Attendease, your primary account is referred to as the Organization. It is possible—and in many cases recommended—to set up sub-organizations, which are referred to as Business Units. Each Business Unit functions independently of each other and has its own events, teams and permissions, default registration form, authentication methods, and event portal site.

Tip: If your organization structure requires it, you can also create sub-business units within a Business Unit.

While each Business Unit operates independently, the Organization can manage a variety of assets, data, and configurations between Business Units. These resources include website templates, authentication methods, and global form fields.

In addition to above, another benefit of this approach is that member accounts for each business unit roll up to the parent Organization. This allows Organization Owners to see the total number of member accounts for the organization as a whole, as well as the events each member has registered for.

Overview of Business Units

If you are the Owner of an Organization you can see an overview and list of all Business Units. On the Organization account, select the Organization tab and then select the Business Units menu item.

In addition to a list of all Business Units in your Organization, this screen also shows how many events have been created in total in each Business Unit, as well as how many attendees and members there are.

On the top of the screen is a summary of the total number of events, members, and attendees. Members are individuals who have registered for one or more events, whereas an attendee is a Member who has registered for an event. The number of members and events for a particular Business Unit is displayed next to its name.

In the top right corner, there is an "Add Business Unit" button. You are able to add a Business Unit here, but please contact your CSM or for this to be set up properly.

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