Through Attendease's integration with Slack you can easily set up the flow of attendee and event information from Attendease to your Slack team. Stay informed of the most important event and attendee updates without having to go into Attendease.

Connect Slack to Attendease

To begin, you need to enable your Attendease organization to send timeline events to your Slack team. To do so, access your Organization's dashboard and then select the Connected Apps menu item.

On the Connected Apps screen click the "Connect to Slack" button to the right of the Slack logo. You will be redirected to a page requesting your permission to authorize the integration. When you click the "Authorize" button - it will become active after a 5 second waiting period - you will be redirected back to Attendease. Your two accounts are now connected. Should you at some later point need or want to, you have the option of disconnecting the Slack account from this screen as well.

Set Slack automations

Once you have authorized Attendease to send activities to Slack, you need to specify which activities you want to send over. Automations are connected to specific events. To begin, select the event that you want to set the automations for and on that event's Event tab click the Automations menu item. To add an automation click the "Add Automation" button in the top right-hand corner.

In the "Trigger" field choose the activity that you want to be sent to Slack from the drop-down menu. In the "Action" field choose "Post to a Slack account." In the "Slack Channel" field enter which Slack channel you want updates for that automations to send to. Ensure that you enter the Slack channel name exactly as it appears in Slack.

From now on, every time that event or attendee activity occurs, an update will be sent to the entered Slack channel.

You are able select from the following automations:

  • Attendee - Registers
  • Attendee - Updated
  • Attendee - Cancelled
  • Event - Published
  • Event - Unpublished
  • Event - Archived
  • Event summary - sent daily

Appearance of Attendease data in Slack

Here are some examples of what Slack notifications may look like when you have set up integrations.

Attendee registration

When an attendee registers you will see their name, email address, and which event they registered for. Each of these are clickable links. In same order as listed above, clicking the link will take you to the attendee's user profile, open your email client with their email address in the recipient field, and open the Event Details screen of the event they registered for.

In addition, you will see the attendee's pass, what they paid, which pricing group they belong to, and if they used a registration code when registering.

Daily event summary

The event summary is sent out once on a daily basis. It will link directly to your event dashboard and your event's Payment Summary screen. In addition, you will see a summary of the number of registrations and cancellations in the last day, see the total number of registered attendees, and view the overall event balance.

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