Through Attendease's integration with HubSpot you can easily set up the flow of attendee information from Attendease to the corresponding HubSpot contact. By leveraging HubSpot's Timeline API you are able to track major attendee interactions such as registering to an event, scheduling, and checking in to a session.

Connect HubSpot to Attendease

To begin, you need to enable your Attendease organization to send timeline events to your HubSpot account. To do so, access your Organization's dashboard and then select the Connected Apps menu item.

On the Connected Apps screen click the "Connect to HubSpot" button to the right of the HubSpot logo. You will be redirected to your HubSpot portal from where you are able to select which HubSpot account you will allow Attendease to connect to. After selecting your account you will be redirected back to Attendease. Your two accounts are now connected. Should you at some later point need or want to, you have the option of disconnecting the HubSpot account from this screen as well.

Set HubSpot automations

Once you have authorized Attendease to send activities to HubSpot, you need to specify which activities you want to send over. Automations are connected to specific events. To begin, select the event that you want to set the automations for and on that event's Event tab click the Automations menu item. To add an automation click the "Add Automation" button in the top right-hand corner.

In the "Trigger" field choose the activity that you want to be sent to HubSpot from the drop-down menu. In the "Action" field choose "Post to a HubSpot account." From now on, every time that attendee activity occurs, a timeline activity will be created on their matching HubSpot contact profile.

You are able select from the following automations:

  • Attendee - Registers
  • Attendee - Updated
  • Attendee - Cancelled
  • Attendee - Schedules a session
  • Attendee - Unschedules a session
  • Attendee - Added to a session waiting list
  • Attendee - Removed from a session waiting list
  • Attendee - Promoted from a session waiting list to an attendee
  • Attendee - Checked in (event or session)
  • Attendee - Check-in undone (event or session)

View Attendease data on attendee's HubSpot contact profile

You are able to view Attendease data on attendee's HubSpot contact profiles. Select the Contacts menu item from the Contacts drop-down menu to see all your contacts.

Click to view a HubSpot contact profile. In order to view Attendease data you must first add it to your timeline activity. Click the "Filter timeline" button and ensure that the checkbox next to Attendease is selected. From now on, all Attendease activity that you have enabled will show in their HubSpot contact profile timeline.

Create lists to target custom groups

Users that have HubSpot marketing are able to create lists - through this you can organize contacts and automate marketing actions. View, create, and manage lists by selecting the Lists menu item from the Contacts drop-down menu.

Each activity corresponding to a particular automation contains a formatted set of data that can be used to segment and target contacts based on their interactions with the event. As an example, create lists to sort contacts who have registered for your event but have not yet scheduled any sessions, contacts who have checked in for a given session, or all contacts who have registered for a specific type of session.

Attendease properties on HubSpot

Create a new list by clicking the "New list" button.

From there you are able to select which Attendease properties you want to sort your contacts by.

  • The "Attendease checkin property" option relates to all activity related to event and session check-ins
  • The "Attendease registration property" option relates to all activity related to event registration
  • The "Attendease scheduling property" option relates to all activity related to session scheduling

Create lists using filters

If you have created session filters you are able to create lists based on these filters. As an example, you may want to create a list of all attendees who attended a session related to a certain product over the past 6 months.

Note: For this list to populate with all relevant past attendees session filters must have been set up and enabled for each of the events.

To sort lists according to session filters, select the "Attendease scheduling property" option. From the drop-down menu select the "Session filters" property, then check the "contains" options and type in FilterName:Filter Item in the field that appears.

As an example, if your filter is named Product and the filter item you want to sort customers by is called Product 1 then you should enter the following:

Tip: The formatting is important, ensure that you spell both filter name and filter item exactly as you have in Attendease - including capitalizations. Note that there should be no space on either side of the colon that separates filter name and filter item.

Tip: To select what you have entered into the field click the orange box that appears. Pressing the "Enter" button or clicking elsewhere will not select your entered value.

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