Make on-site event management easier by leveraging the Attendease and Boomset integration. With Boomset you can easily manage event check-ins and see this information updated in Attendease.

Connect Boomset to Attendease

To begin, navigate to the Connected Apps screen for the Organization or Business Unit that you are connecting with Boomset. At this point, we recommend you log into both your Attendease and Boomset account.

Note: You are only able to connect your Boomset account with one Organization or Business Unit.

On the Connected Apps screen click the "Connect to Boomset" button. A modal requesting an API code will appear.

To locate the Boomset API, log into Boomset. When you have logged in you will see the name of the account holder in the top right corner of the screen. Click the name and select “My Profile” from the drop-down menu. This will prompt the “Account Settings” modal to appear - select the “API Key” tab.

Copy the API token and paste it into the modal that is still open on the Attendease Dashboard page (see image below). Once you have clicked “Connect” you can begin connecting Boomset to events. Should you at some later point need or want to, you have the option of disconnecting the Boomset account from this screen as well.

Connect Boomset to an event

You are able to connect an event to Boomset upon event creation or after the event has already been created.

Connect Boomset when creating an Attendease event

Creating an event in an Organization or Business Unit where Boomset has been activated is similar to an Organization without. However, if Boomset has been enabled an additional section will appear, where the event creator can choose if they want Boomset to be enabled for that particular event.

When you click the “Create” button, you’ll be redirected to the Connected Apps screen for that event, where you will be informed if the connection was successful or not.

Connect Boomset with an existing Attendease event

After Boomset has been connected to your event, you are able to enable it for any event within that Organization or Business Unit. On the Event tab, there will be a Connected Apps menu item. On this screen, you are able to toggle the connection “On” or “Off”. When it is “On”, event information will appear in Boomset.

How to check in attendees using Boomset

During your event, you can use Boomset to quickly check attendees into an event. You are able to do this both from your computer and by using the Boomset app “Guest List”.

Note: Any edits or updates you want to make to the event must be made in Attendease. If you update any information about sessions or attendees in Boomset these will not be properly reflected in Attendease.

Check in attendees from a computer

Once you have logged into Boomset you will see a list of all Attendease events that are connected. Select the event that you wish to check attendees into. This will redirect to a screen with a summary of the event, including how many attendees have registered and how many have been checked in.

To check in a new attendee, click the “Guest List” menu item in the Manage Guests section of the menu. This will pull up a list of all registered attendees. To check in a new guest, type in their name in the search field to locate their registration, and then click the green “Check In” button.

Tip: If you accidentally check in the wrong person, clicking the "Check Out" button in Boomset will reverse the action if done within 15 minutes from the "Check In" button having been clicked.

Check in attendees with the Guest List app

If you have downloaded the Boomset app “Guest List” you can also check in attendees with your mobile device. If you are using a mobile device you are able to check attendees in using QR codes - please see here how to set up QR codes.

Once you have signed into the Guest List app on your phone you will see a list of all Attendease Events that are connected. Select the event that you wish to check attendees into. This will open directly to a list of all registered attendees. To check an attendee into the event, search for their name and then click the green “Check In” button.

If you have set up Boomset QR codes in your event, you can also sign attendees in by clicking the “Scan” button. Ask the attendee to display the QR code that they have received and when scanned the attendee will automatically be checked in.

Note: You are not able to register walk-in attendees via the Guest List app - please ask walk-ins to register via your event website.

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