There may be multiple point leading up to and following your event that you will want to send surveys to your attendees. You are able to send both General and Session surveys. The former are available to all attendees whereas the latter are available only to attendees that have registered for sessions linked to the survey.

Read this article to learn how:

  • to create a new survey
  • to build a survey
  • to view survey results
  • attendees access your surveys

Create a new survey

To create or edit a survey select the Surveys tab. On the Surveys screen click to create a new survey - either a General or Session survey. A dialog prompting you to enter a name for the survey will appear and once it has been entered, click the "Create" button.

The Survey Builder and "Form Preview" area

Once you have created a survey you must build and configure it. Similar to building a registration form select and drag components from the "Form Components" area onto the "Form Preview" area. Click on a component to edit it.

Note: Surveys must be enabled for attendees to be able to fill them out. Enable the survey by toggling the switch in the top right-hand corner to "Enabled."

Form Components

You can add from a range of input fields including fields for text, email addresses, phone numbers, and a country select widget. If you want to give registrants the option to schedule sessions during their registration process you can add a scheduling widget. There are also Select/Option fields such as checkboxes, drop-down select lists, and radio button. Lastly, you can add various levels of headings and fields for descriptive help text.

  • To arrange components, click and drag a component to the desired position
  • To edit components, click on a component to select it and an edit window will appear
  • To remove a component, click the x icon in the top right corner of the component. Note that some components of the default form, such as first name, last name, email, and password, are required and cannot be removed


The "Details" tab allows you to configure settings and information about the survey. This includes survey type, visibility, URL slug, name, and description.


For Session surveys a "Sessions" tab will appear, from which you are able to link your survey to one or multiple sessions. You must have created sessions on the Scheduling tab for them to appear in this section.

Note: Session surveys become available for attendees after the session has been completed.


The "Confirmations" tab allows you to configure the confirmation message that will appear when a survey is submitted. You can also customize a follow-up confirmation email blast. Each successful survey submission will add a recipient to the email list. In order for this to work the survey must have a field where the expected input is validated as an email address.

View Survey Results

Once you have completed setting up a survey, it has been enabled, and people have begun responding to it you may want to view the results. Do this at any time by visiting the Survey tab. Scroll down to view the results from each of the surveys you have sent out.

How attendees access surveys

Attendees access surveys by logging into the event website, selecting the "Survey" tab on their attendee account, and then choosing which to respond to. Surveys can also be shared with attendees by directly sending them a link to the survey page.

Note: Attendees do not need to be checked in to be able to submit a session survey.

Tip: Use the quick login function to allow your attendees to access survey quickly.

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