There are a myriad of ways that you are able to configure the Card Row block using our Image Presets. Below you can find some examples of how that may look like. Each of these examples use the exact same images and text.

Example 1

In this example the text is left-aligned below the image. No presets or overlays have been applied to the picture and the link is displayed as a text link.

Example 2

The corners of this card have been slightly rounded using the "Corner Radius" field. Changing the colour of the card and centre-aligning the text gives a very different look. The "Grayscale" preset as been applied to all images for a more uniform look.

Example 3

Here the centre-aligned text is now aligned above the image. In addition, the link is displayed as button. Lastly, a colourful overlay has been applied to all the images.

Example 4

This example shows what it may look like when you place the text on top of the image. Also note that it is right-aligned. The border of the card has been made slightly wider and one colour has been applied as an overlay.

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