In certain scenarios you may need to display a non-Attendease event—an event hosted on another platform—on you Event Portal. By using the Other Events feature you can display these types of events using the Event Listing block.

How to add a non-Attendease event

Begin by creating a new event from the Organization or Business Unit dashboard. Simply click the “Add Event” button on the right-hand side of the screen. All information entered in the following steps will be used in the display of this event in the Event Listing block, both in List and Calendar format.

Create an “Other Event”

To add a non-Attendease event to your Event Portal, ensure that the toggle at the top of the Create a New Event screen is set to “Other Event”. Note that after your event has been created you are not able to change this setting.

Event Details

In this section you can enter key information about your event including its name, description, and preferred language for your event website. You may also select to which Organization or Business Unit you want this event to belong to. You may only create new events for organizations to which you belong as a Team Member or Owner.

In the “Internal Contacts” and “Who is attending?” field you can add information about who to contact regarding this event and which groups or individuals this event is intended for.

Dates & Times

Here you can set the time zone for your event, as well as the start and end times for each day of the event you define. Clicking on days in the calendar will display a slider by which you can set the duration of activities for each day. To remove a day from your event, simply click an active date in the calendar.

Event Type

In this section, select if the event is an online event or an event with a location and venue. Online events typically represent webinar-based content delivery, while an event with a location and venue represents “real-world” events with a physical location.

If you are creating a Location/Venue event, you are prompted to enter a specific location and address information here before saving the event. You are able to edit this after creating this event. Note that for “Other Events” you can only add one location.

If you choose an Online event, no further information is required here.

Note: You cannot change Event Type after an event has been created.

Event Website

Since this is representing an event that is hosted elsewhere, you will want to add a link to that event website. When the event is viewed in the Event Listing block, this is the website that users will be directed to. You are able to update this after the event has been created.

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