The event registration experience is hosted via the Attendee Registration block, which includes all screens required for attendee registration. This block is dynamically populated with the registration forms and options configured in the Registration tab of the event admin.


Registration background colour

Click the colour swatch to select a section background colour.

Show the steps widget at top of registration page?

Toggle this off to remove the registration steps at the top of the section.

Display a confirmation modal to verify the entered information is correct?

After completing the registration form attendees will be shown the information that they entered and asked to confirm that it is correct. Enable this option to help reduce mistyped emails or typos in names. Toggle this off if you do not want this modal to appear.

Choose where form labels will be displayed in relation to their input field:

From this drop-down field, you can choose if form field labels will be displayed to the left or above the form field where registrants enter their information.

Has watch now behavior after registering?

By using the "Watch now" feature, you are able to host a video (recorded or live-streamed) that is only accessible to registered users for a limited period of time.

For more information on the "Watch now" feature see the full article on how to set up a webinar.

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