Begin composing your call for exhibitors by creating an application form to capture the information required to evaluate an exhibitor’s proposal. Select the Exhibitor Workflows tab from the left-hand sidebar and click the Create Form menu item.

Create the application form

Similar to building a registration form or survey, select and drag components from the Form Components area onto the Form Preview area. On each component, there is an "Edit" and a "Delete" icon. To reorganize the order of components click the "hamburger" icon and drag the component to its desired position.

In addition to the typical form component fields, the Exhibitor Application Form Builder has an additional section of available fields. These are connected to the Exhibitor section on the Event tab and will be publicly available on the event website. If any of these fields are filled out by an applicant, the information will be copied over to the exhibitor profile - created on the Exhibitors screen - when an application is approved.

The fields that are connected to exhibitor profiles and are publicly facing are:

  • Exhibitor Name
  • Exhibitor Description
  • Exhibitor Website URL
  • Exhibitor Logo

Note: The "Exhibitor Name," "Exhibitor Representative Name," and "Exhibitor Representative Email" fields are always required.

Tip: The Form Components area will follow your progress as you scroll down the page. If you prefer to have this section stationary, just click the "Lock" icon on the right-hand side of the area.

Tip: For an efficient and smooth application process, we recommend that you add a field to inquire which exhibitor level/package the applicant wants to apply for.

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