You may want to allow people to apply to speak at your event. Using the Speaker Workflows section it is easy to set up the application form and manage all received applications.

To set up and manage speaker applications, select the Speaker Workflows tab on the left-hand menu.

  1. To begin, create a speaker application form
  2. All messaging that is directed specifically to speaker applicants is found by clicking the Set Messaging menu item. Customize the messaging to fit your event and if needed, add email addresses to receive a notification when a new speaker application has been received.
  3. Format the speaker application page on your event website, see instructions on the Build Website page.
  4. Invite people to apply to become speakers, for instructions, view the Invite Applicants screen.
  5. Once you have begun to receive applications, you can review applicants and either approve or reject their application
  6. When you approve an application, the approved speaker will appear on the Speaker List page. This list also includes speakers that were manually added from the Speaker screen.
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