When a speaker applies through the speaker application process it does not register them for the event. If a speaker needs to purchase a pass, manage a personal schedule, take surveys, use the Attendease app, or provide registration information that is not captured during the speaker application process they will need to follow the same registration process as an attendee.

As an event author, however, you have the ability to tailor speaker applicants' registration experience to make it as quick and efficient as possible.

How to set up registration for speakers

Create a registration pass, group, and code specifically for speakers. This will allow you to offer passes for free or for a discount, restrict access to these passes, and send email blasts only to attendees with that pass (i.e. send an email specifically to registered speakers).

Create a registration form specific to speakers. The default registration form must be filled out by everyone no matter their pass type or group. If you wish to streamline the registration process for speakers (or any other groups for that matter) leave the default registration form as basic as possible. Next, create a form specific to general attendees and a form specific to speakers. Configure these forms to be seen by the applicable pass types or groups. In this way, you can offer your speakers a simplified version of the registration form.

Once you’ve created a registration code specific to speakers, add that code and a link to your registration page to the speaker approval messaging. This way, once they receive news of their acceptance, they can jump directly to the registration page, enter their code, and proceed with the registration.

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