Use SMS Blasts to send an SMS (text message) to a list of recipients. An SMS Blast will allow you to send up to 140 characters in a single message. Unlike a Push Notification the recipients do not have to be signed into the Attendease mobile app to receive the message (it will be delivered as a standard SMS). Please read the important points at the foot of this article.

Creating an SMS Blast:

Add a Message Title to help organizes the SMS Blasts for your event. This is for internal use only and will not be include in the SMS.

Add your body text—this is the message that will be sent to the recipients. You have a limit of 140 characters (note your character count on the bottom right-hand corner of the edit window).

Add recipients:

There are a number of way to add recipients to a SMS Blast.

Attendee matching - Enable Attendee Matching to send an SMS Blast to a segment of your registered attendees. You can select All registered attendees, All checked-in attendees, attendees with a specific pass, or attendees in a specific group. To target any of these segments you must add a Mobile Number form component to your event's registration form. This feature relies on attendees supplying a valid mobile number.

Upload CSV - You can add recipients to an SMS Blast by uploading a CSV file. You can create a CSV file with any spreadsheet editor but you must save it in .csv (comma separated value) format.

If working in Excel, use three columns labelled "First Name", "Last Name" and "Mobile Number" (in any order), add each of your recipients to a row, and export to CSV format. Excel will add a comma between the data in each column, and put each row on its own line. Mobile number must include country code. For example, the country code for the US and Canada is +1, so a mobile number from either of these countries would look like +16045551212 (the + symbol is optional).

Example of CSV data after exporting from Excel:

First Name,Last Name,Mobile Number

Add a single recipient - Add a single recipient by inputting a first name, last name, and mobile number.

Import from Marketo - For this option you will need to have connected a Marketo account to your business unit. Select an existing Marketo List or Program so leads will be queued to receive your message when the blast is sent. Matches will show up in the Pending tab, denoted by a graph icon prior to delivery.

Some important points to note:

1. There is a cost per message sent. These terms will be included in your Attendease subscription agreement.

2. If you add more than 140 characters to an SMS message the system will send multiple messages to accommodate the extra characters.

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