For certain events, you might only want registration to be available for certain people. If you want to ensure that only specified individuals are able to register, use Private Invitations. This means that in order to register, an individual has to have received an invitation.

Enable Private Invitations

On the Registration tab, select the Options menu item. In the Registration Visibility section, check the checkbox if you want to enable Private Invitations.

If enabled you will be able to edit the messaging that appears on your event website if someone without an invitation navigates to your Registration page.

Create a Private Invitation

Create a new Private Invitation by selecting the Messaging tab and then clicking the "Private Invite" button in the "Add Blast" section of the screen. In the dialog that appears, enter your subject line and then click the "Create" button.


Compose your email on the "Message" tab with the Rich Text Editor. You are able to edit the email subject line and choose the "sender address". You can set the "sender address" to use the event contact information or you can specify an alternate name and email address.

A Private Invitation is connected to a specific Pricing Group. A person that receives a Private Invitation is able to select any pass that is connected to that particular Pricing Group.

The Rich Text Editor allows you to add Attendease Placeholders, with which you can inject event or attendee information into the email. If you need greater control over style and formatting you can use the HTML view. Preview how your email will appear to the recipient by clicking the toggle in the right-hand corner and see it in "Preview" mode. Toggle the switch back to "Compose" mode to make additional edits.

Note: There must be content in the email body to render a preview.

Don't forget to click the "Save" button to save any changes.

By checking the box beneath the Rich Text Editor it is possible to attach a Calendar file to email blasts. You are able to configure the Calendar file on the Add to Calendar screen, via the Event tab.

Tip: Test how the email will look in your inbox by clicking the "Test Blast" button in the bottom right-hand corner.


Select which recipients will receive the email blast on the "Recipients" tab. You can add recipients by uploading a CSV file, or by manually adding individual recipients. Click the "Save" button to save any changes.


On the "Delivery" tab you are able to choose if the email blast will be sent immediately or at a later time. Click to toggle between "Send Now" and "Send Later."

Tip: If you are not ready to send your email blast quite yet, go to the "Message" tab and click the "Save" button. Your email is now saved as a draft and once you are ready to send or schedule it to be sent, return to this section.

Note: When you schedule an email blast to be sent at a later time the email will be sent at the entered time in the time zone your event is held in.

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