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How to customize an email template

Step 1: Locate the templates

Select the Messaging tab then the "Email Templates" menu item. Select one of the 4 layouts—Default, Registration, Announcement, or General—to begin your template. Each layout has a different set of options and settings.

Step 2: How to view updates

To review changes and preview the template, you'll need to publish (or republish) your event. You'll need to republish your event each time changes are made.

Note: Unpublishing your event will temporarily disable any email templates you have built. To restore them, simply publish your event.

Step 3: Customize your template

Enable the elements you want to include. Some elements will be enabled by default, others you'll need to enable and configure. For example, by default, you may see your event logo and links to social media you have set up on the Site Settings screen. Other elements such as images, feature colours, and CTA's you'll need to enable and configure.

Step 4: How to use the template

Navigate to the "Summary" or "Send Single Email" screen. Create a new email and select the template you were working on from the "Template" drop-down. Next, add a subject and body content, then save it.

Step 5: Preview your template

Publish or republish your event to generate a preview. Use the "Compose/Preview" toggle on the email composer to see a preview of the email template.

Step 6: Make adjustments to your template

Now that you have an idea of what the template will look like, you'll likely want to go back to the "Email Templates" screen, select the template you were building, and make some refinements.

Tip #1: Open two tabs, one with the email template configuration options and one with the email preview. This way you can switch back and forth quickly between each republish so you can see your changes.

Tip #2: To begin you may want to enable everything on the template so you can see how everything will look by default. This will give you an idea of the possibilities. Then you can configure or remove elements and refine your template.

Step 7: Start using your template
Once you are satisfied with your template you are ready to set up an email blast, send a single email, or apply it to your registration confirmation email. To apply it to your registration confirmation email, simply navigate to the Registration tab, then to the "Confirmations" menu item. Under "Confirmation Email" simply select the template from the "Template" drop-down and save.

Examples of the available layouts

Registration template

Announcement template

General template

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