Attendease offers custom domain setup and configuration services. Please see the pricing page on our website for details.

1. Determine what domain to use

The first thing we'll need when we set up a custom domain is the domain you wish to use. Attendease uses the following domain structure:

In the example above, eventname represents the unique subdomain - chosen by the event author - of each event when it is created in Attendease. customdomain represents the custom domain you choose for your organization or business unit, which serves as the domain for all events in that organization or business unit.

2. Procure an existing domain or purchase a new domain

So, choose the custom domain you want to use - but wait! If you work for an organization you may need to get approvals from your IT department to use a particular domain if it includes a brandname or a name under copyright. Next, unless you (or your organization) already owns the domain you'll need to purchase it. Your IT department will know how to do this - but if you don't have one or you need to purchase your domain yourself, use a service like Google Domains or GoDaddy.

3. Provide Attendease with your custom domain

Send your CSM the domain you want to use. We'll need to generate something called DNS (domain name servers) and a CSR (certificate signing request). The DNS will need to be associated with your domain and the CSR will need to be used to apply for a secure certificate. Once the certificate has been generated, send it back to us to install.

And that's it! Well, there may be some additional steps depending on the exact circumstances but we'll do our best to help you through the process. Please contact your CSM or with any questions.

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