There are a couple of ways to export attendee registration details including their full schedules.

If you want to export all attendees either navigate to Events > Exports or Registration > Attendees. On both screens you have the ability to generate an export that will include all attendees, their registration details, and their full schedules.

Click the "Export" button. You will be presented with two options:

  • Include registration form answers
  • Include the full schedule for all matching attendees

If you select neither of these options the report will only include the basic registration details such as when the registration was started and completed, registration status, first and last name, email address, if they were registered by another person, their pass, code, group, primary pass price, invoice total, and their checked-in status.

If you select include registration form answers each attendee's registration form answers will be included in the export.

If you select include the full schedule for all matching attendees it will include the attendee's full schedule (if they are scheduled for any sessions).

Tip: Once you export the spreadsheet add a filter to the header row. This way you can filter by email address to see a particular attendee's full schedule. Or you can filter to see everyone in a particular session (by filtering by name/description or room/time).

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