It is possible to add recipients to an email blast by uploading a CSV file containing the email address and names of each recipient. Create the CSV file from a spreadsheet editor, such as Numbers, Google Spreadsheets, or Excel. You can also use a plain text editor like TextEdit or Sublime Text.

Once done, upload the CSV file under the "Recipients" tab for the email blast you are importing the email contacts to.

Create your CSV file

A CSV file contains values separated by commas, where the first row determines the column order of the data. To create your CSV file open a new document in your chosen editor, determine the column order as detailed below, and then export/save it as a CSV file.

Note: If using Excel, you need to take precautions to ensure the data isn't corrupted. To preserve UTF-8 characters save the spreadsheet as a .txt file, locate the file on your hard drive, and then rename the file with a .csv extension.

How to format your CSV file

The first row of your CSV file should be formatted in the following manner:

email, firstname, lastname

Add the data in the same order. As an example, in a spreadsheet editor ensure it looks the following way.

Note: You must export/save the file as a CSV file.

If you are using a text editor to create your CSV file, ensure the data is formatted the following way:

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