The Organization dashboard is a convenient launching point from which to manage all of your existing events. It is also from where you add new events - do this by clicking the "Add Event" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

The Add New Event screen comprises the following sections:

  • Event Details
  • Copy data from existing event (section only displayed if you have other events in your organization)
  • Teams
  • Dates & Times
  • Event Type
  • Event Registration

Event Details

In this section you can enter key information about your event including the name, description, event URL, and preferred language for your event website. You may also select to which Organization or Business Unit you want this event to belong to. You may only create new events for organizations to which you belong as a Team Member or Owner.

Note: Make sure to consider your URL carefully, as once your event website is published the URL will be locked.


This is also the section where you choose a template with which to create your event. A template is a preconfigured set of pages, page layouts, content, and site settings. There will be at least one default template associated with your organization. If your Attendease CSM has assigned additional themes beyond the standard default, you will see them listed here.

You can also save an event site as a template from the Page Manager screen. It will then be added to your organizations default templates and you'll be able to select it as an option here.

Note: You cannot change your template selection after the event has been created.

Copy Data From Existing Event

If your organization already contains events, you may choose to copy data from one of them to accelerate the creation of your new event. Click here to learn more about copying event data.


This section allows the event creator to assign teams to the event being created. Only these teams will be able to see the event in their dashboard, or access its settings. Note that the Team assignment does not have any effect on access to the event website once published.

Dates & Times

Here you can set the time zone for your event, as well as the start and end times for each day of the event you define. Clicking on days in the calendar will display a slider by which you can set the duration of activities for each day. To remove a day from your event, simply click an active date in the calendar.

Tip: The duration for each day of your event imposes limits around where you can place sessions in the Scheduler.

Event Type

Attendease recognizes two different event types: Online and Location/Venue. Online events typically represent webinar-based content delivery, while Location/Venue represents ‘real-world’ events with a physical place or places of activity.

If you are creating a new Location/Venue event, you are prompted to enter specific location and address information here before saving the event. You may add additional venues at any time after creating your event.

If you choose an Online event, no further information is required here.

Event Registration

In this section you choose between Attendease’s native and powerful registration system, or a third-party registration provider. Additionally, you may also select to make a decision on your registration method at a later time.

Attendease Registration

When selecting this option, you are prompted to create and set a price for your initial Event Pass. You may create any number of Passes and Pass Groups after saving your new event. For more information refer to Passes.

Third-Party Registration

If you already have another registration service setup for your event pass payments, you may enter a link to the registration page on their site here. The register link on your Attendease event website will link to this URL.

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