If you want to create a spreadsheet that contains exhibitor information, such as exhibitor name and description, you are able to import this data directly into Attendease rather than manually creating each exhibitor.

Preparing your exhibitor profile data spreadsheet

Begin by creating a spreadsheet with a header row and five columns - or download a template here.

Label the columns Name, Exhibitor level, Description, Website URL, and Logo URL. If any of these columns do not apply to your exhibitor profiles you can omit that column.

Note: The website URL must include the protocol (http:// or https://) and the logo must use a secure protocol (https://).

Note: You can name your exhibitor levels whatever you want. However, if you want to group exhibitors under the same level, ensure that the entered labels are identical. If the label is not exactly the same - note that this includes case sensitivity and spacing - two different exhibitor levels will be created. As an example, Premium Partner and Premium partner will create two different levels.

Note: Data other than the columns listed above can be imported but will require custom development. For more information, please contact us.

Here is an example of how your spreadsheet should look:

Download or export the spreadsheet as a CSV file. If you are using the template, ensure that when you save the file it remains in CSV format.

How to import exhibitor profile data into Attendease

On the Event tab, select the Imports menu item. In the "Select" drop-down menu choose "Exhibitors" and then click to upload the CSV file.

Since your CSV file contains a header row, make sure this option is checked after the upload has completed.

Map the fields in the CSV to the fields in Attendease. Even if you have named the columns differently than the values that appear on the mapping screen, the import will work - as long as the correct values in the spreadsheet correlate to the values in Attendease.

Note: You can map other fields by selecting "Custom Field" under the "Map to..." section but any fields other than Name, Exhibitor level, Description, Website URL, and Logo URL will be entered as metadata and not added directly to the exhibitor profile.

Review the mapping to ensure the correct column of the CSV will be mapped to the correct field in Attendease.

Once you are satisfied that the columns are mapped correctly, click the "Next " button. The import will begin and the exhibitor profile data will be added to the Exhibitors screen under the Event tab.


  • This cannot be undone after the import is complete.
  • There is no duplicate detection - if you upload a CSV containing the same fields twice it will create duplicate exhibitor profiles.

Note: If you require a more comprehensive exhibitor import using your database's API we can write a script to import all your data into our scheduler. For more information contact Attendease Support.

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