If your event has at least one exhibitor level you are able to add exhibitor profiles to feature on the event site. An exhibitor profile contains the exhibitor's information, logo, and exhibitor level.

Add a profile

On the Event tab, select the Exhibitors menu item. You can add a new exhibitor directly to an existing exhibitor level or by clicking the "Add Exhibitor" button below all existing exhibitor levels.

On the Add Exhibitor screen select an exhibitor level and add a name, description, website URL, and exhibitor logo. You can choose if you would like to link or upload the logo. When linking to an exhibitor logo be sure to enter the correct protocol (http, https) of the image URL.

Note: We recommend that images are a minimum of 800 pixels.

Determine whether an exhibitor is active or inactive with the toggle on the top right-hand corner. Additionally, you are able to add metadata to that exhibitor, which allows developers to add custom fields that give them more control over exhibitor data they receive via the Attendease API.

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